Deploying a report to BIRT on Bluemix

Ok, I have BIRT up and running but there is only example report that’s nice but not so useful.

I haven’t found a simple way how to deploy a rptdesign report definition to the already installed Bluemix/BIRT site. Just the way described below. If you know how to do it easily, please let me know.

I created folder report in the same directory as is birt.war located (please see previous post) and copied my report (say Temperature.rptdesign) into this folder and then packed the report design file into birt.war file and updated the application on the bluemix:

jan@Cake : ~/Downloads/birt-runtime-4_4_0
 $ jar -uvf birt.war report/Temperature.rptdesign
 adding: report/Temperature.rptdesign(in = 68687) (out= 6158)(deflated 91%)
jan@Cake : ~/Downloads/birt-runtime-4_4_0
 $ cf push Birt -p birt.war
 Updating app Birt in org / space dev as
 Uploading Birt...
 Uploading from: /Users/jan/Downloads/birt-runtime-4_4_0/toPush/birt.war
 1.6M, 185 files
 Stopping app Birt in org / space dev as
 Starting app Birt in org / space dev as
 0 of 1 instances running, 1 starting
 1 of 1 instances running
 App started
 Showing health and status for app Birt in org / space dev as
 requested state: started
 instances: 1/1
 usage: 512M x 1 instances
 state since cpu memory disk
 #0 running 2014-09-24 02:08:49 PM 0.0% 211.9M of 512M 198.5M of 1G

It works:

BIRT Report

But it’s not elegant neither fast. Hopefully I will discover another way how to deploy report definitions to the BIRT engine…

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