Installing BIRT on Bluemix

Short summary: It cannot be easier to make the visualisation and reporting tool called BIRT working on Bluemix… More precisely to run engine and viewer on Bluemix. You will still need BIRT designer have installed on your PC.

Download BIRT Runtime.


jan@cake : ~/Downloads
 $ unzip
 creating: birt-runtime-4_4_0/

Login into your Bluemix account using web interface and create Birt application using Java Liberty Runtime. But this step is not probably needed.

Login to Bluemix using CF:

$ cf login

and push from the directory where you have just unpacked the BIRT runtime:

jan@cake : ~/Downloads/birt-runtime-4_4_0
 $ cf push Birt -p birt.war
 Updating app Birt in org / space dev as
 Uploading Birt...
 Uploading from: /Users/jan/Downloads/birt-runtime-4_4_0/birt.war
 2M, 185 files
 Stopping app Birt in org / space dev as
 Starting app Birt in org / space dev as
 0 of 1 instances running, 1 starting
 1 of 1 instances running
 App started
 Showing health and status for app Birt in org / space dev as

Point your browser to just created application:



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