IoT Cloud MQTT message to Speech

For demo purposes and to be able to check if the messages are coming from the IoT cloud without looking at the screen all the time I created super simple Node-RED flow that receives messages from IBM’s IoT cloud and log them in the debug tab of the Node-RED UI and in parallel it parses JSON format of the messages to obtain value of the „temp“ property which is then passed to OS X say command.

It can be easily modified to pick another property value just by modifying „JSON and parse“ node.

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 13.34.43

You can import the flow using „Import -> From Clipboard“ menu item of Node-RED and by pasting the following text and modify your broker details:

[{"id":"7649d216.89b62c","type":"mqtt-broker","broker":"","port":"1883","clientid":"a:kbrhh:viewer2"},{"id":"482fa4c4.b7d05c","type":"debug","name":"Show message","active":true,"console":"false","complete":"true","x":343,"y":62,"z":"948d5198.6b72b","wires":[]},{"id":"a07e3b0c.5f81c8","type":"mqtt in","name":"Receiver","topic":"iot-2/type/sensor-type/id/+/evt/event1/fmt/json","broker":"7649d216.89b62c","x":93,"y":129,"z":"948d5198.6b72b","wires":[["482fa4c4.b7d05c","e9a50fa3.165af"]]},{"id":"e9a50fa3.165af","type":"function","name":"JSONify and parse","func":"msg = JSON.parse(msg.payload)\ntemp = msg.d.temp\ntemp = Math.round(temp * 10)/10;\nreturn {\"payload\": \"Temerature is \" + temp + \" degrees of Celsius\" }","outputs":1,"x":344,"y":199,"z":"948d5198.6b72b","wires":[["4de9ed0c.b21614"]]},{"id":"4de9ed0c.b21614","type":"exec","command":"/usr/bin/say","append":"","useSpawn":"","name":"Say","x":578,"y":258,"z":"948d5198.6b72b","wires":[[],[],[]]}]

You can also change the voice by modifying say command from:



/usr/bin/say -v <voice name>

You can list available voices by entering command

/usr/bin/say -v ?

into terminal.

The flow requires Node-RED installed on a OS X machine.

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