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PowerShell 7 (AKA Core) running on Turris Omnia

I have installed PowerShell 7 on my Windows and MacOS machines and today I decided – just for fun – to install it also to my Turris Omnia Wi-Fi router. And it works.

And there is the way I went to get it running:

  1. I created Debian LXC container ,
  2. installed libicu – apt install libicu63,
  3. installed less apt install less,
  4. installed official prerequisites apt-get install '^libssl1.0.[0-9]$' libunwind8 -y ,
  5. downloaded preview installation package from this site for Raspbian (Stretch)  32bits,
  6. unpacked the tar and started pwsh
  7. and it simply works…

Now I am going to test what is really working and what not. But it seems promising. At least remoting to Turris also works fine:

VMware’s PowerCLI

I started learning PowerShell recently and I also discovered PowerCLI nearly at the same moment.

That’s something I was looking for for a long time. I do not like point-and-click adventures like VMware’s web UI. Now I have CLI!

My one-liner for Get-VMCommand:

function gvmc([string]$What, $Verb="*") { Get-Command -Verb $verb -Noun "*$what*" -Module VMware.* }

PowerCLI is powerful and CLI, yes, it is… But somethings too extensive. My super-duper-simple-function allows me to find the right cmdlet faster using this command:

gvmc [-What] Adapter [[-Verb] Get]