micro:bit & macOS – copy hex files automatically to the device

Do you have a micro:bit and a macOS laptop? Maybe you are tired by manually copying every just downloaded HEX file to the micro:bit and then looking at the error message saying „Disk Not Ejected Properly“.

What about a simple Folder Action which would do it for you and which would eject micro:bit in the right way in the right time?


  1. Download the Automator Folder Action workflow: Move HEX files to microbit.workflow
  2. Double click & install
  3. Attach to the Downloads folder using „Folder Actions Setup“:
    1. Run „Folder Actions Setup“ from Spotlight
    2. Select the Downloads folder on the left
    3. Select installed „Move HEX files to microbit“ workflow on the right
    4. Enable Folder Actions
    5. Done
  4. Develop a superb app in micro:bit IDE and download HEX file
  5. Relax and wait for a notification form the workflow

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